Manoharudu (I) Movie Review

Manoharudu (I) Movie Review

Manoharudu (I) Movie Review
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    Jun, 18 2019


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  • Film : Manoharudu (I)
  • Producer : V. Ravichandran
  • Director : Shankar
  • Star Cast : Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel, Santhanam
  • Music Director : A.R. Rahman
Rating: 2.75/5

Vikram 'I' Manoharudu Movie Review and Rating

'I' Manoharudu, the most awaited movie in Indian Cinema industry is on screens now. Coming from Shankar,a director who is known to make hollywood style and realistic films. Shankar has spent on the film for two and half years. Hero Vikram will be seen in three different roles in I manoharudu.

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Lingesh [Vikram] is a body builder and looks for good opportunity to prove. Lingesh falls in love with an actress Diya [Amy Jackson] and followes her wherever she goes. Finally he meets her one day tries to impress and establishes friendship. Diya asks Lingesh for acting in an Ad film and both fall in love during this project.

However, Diya's rivals in the profession similar to her want to see lingesh end and injects something into his body and he gets different and bad with that, you have to see for better understanding and experience.

Analysis :


Technically the movie stands in the first row with Shankar and team’s extraordinary dedication. High budget 'I' movie grabs special features and the cinematography is excellent. Director Shankar gave us another visual thrilling treat. The story taken on some routine one, but the way, it was executed, Shankar shown his mark. The first half of 'I' is entertaining with comedy and story, and the second half is emotional but the picturization makes the audience stun.

The length can be reduced by 30 minutes to stop boring. On the whole, Shankar has not entertained the audiences with his mark. Vikram also shown with the fading face.

Music by AR Rahman is simply mind blowing but on screen not placed in wrong situations.

Performance :

I -review

Title role Vikram has proven himself once again with commendable acting and performance. You really appreciate the work of Vikram when you watch on screen. His devotion and hard work is an asset to the movie. Nowhere, you can find out the lacuna from him on screen.

Amy Jackson completely fits in her role. As a model cum actress, she did well in this movie and we have see whether her career will be elevated or not with this performance. Upen Patel has shown better in the negative role. While, Santhanam and Suresh Gopi have entertained the audience with humor and all.

Final Word:
Not meeting the audience expectations but you can watch on screen.


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Manoharudu (I) Movie Review


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