Akshaya Tritiya: Auspicious Time to Buy Gold, Silver This YearFestivals

May 03, 2019 09:34
Akshaya Tritiya: Auspicious Time to Buy Gold, Silver This Year

Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akti or Akha Teej, is a popular annual springtime festival celebrated by Hindus and Jains. This year Akshaya Tritiya falls on May 7.  

In Sanskrit, the word “Akshaya” means “imperishable, eternal, the never diminishing.” Owing to verity that festival Akshaya Tritiya is associated with wealth, prosperity, abundance, and happiness, people stock up on gold and silver at the auspicious time of the day.

It is predominantly believed that whatever a person does during this phase it never fades out and from that’s how the custom of buying gold stemmed.

Not only worldly ways, but people also indulge in reciting the mantra, Yajna (a ritual performed in front of sacred fire), seek blessings from ancestors’ souls, and Dan-Punya (charity). One believes Akshaya Tritiya to bring good luck and favorable outcome by doing all aforementioned rituals and following traditions.

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Shubh Muhurat

Akshaya Tritiya this year falls on May 7. Ideally, Akshaya Tritiya falling on a Rohini Nakshatra day with Wednesday is considered highly auspicious. According to the Drik Panchang, this year, Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat is 06:11 to 12:35 with Tritiya Tithi beginning at 03:17 on May 7 and ending at 02:17 on May 8. A duration of six hours 23 minutes will be there to perform the puja.

God Worshiped on Akshaya Tritiya

According to the Hindu mythology, Akshaya Tritiya day is ruled by God Vishnu, the preserver in the Hindu Trinity (Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma are the other two). The birth anniversary of Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism usually falls on the same day as Akshaya Tritiya.

Devotees observe fast, while people in business concern pray for a prosperous year ahead. There is no malefic time on Akshaya Tritiya, and one can start a new venture on the day.

Auspicious Time to Buy Gold

Since the Vedic times, gold is considered the most treasured and auspicious metal and as a symbol of wealth, power and prosperity. Purchasing gold is the most pivotal ritual performed on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

On May 06, 2019 (Monday) - 27:18 to 30:11

Auspicious Choghadiya timings between 27:18 to 30:11

Night Muhurta (Shubh, Amrit, Char) = 27:18+ - 30:11+

Akshaya Tritiya Muhurat to Buy Gold

May 07, 2019 (Tuesday) - 06:11 to 26:17

Auspicious Choghadiya timings between 06:11 to 26:17

Morning Muhurta (Char, Labh, Amrit) = 09:23 - 14:11

Afternoon Muhurta (Shubh) = 15:47 - 17:23

Evening Muhurta (Labh) = 20:23 - 21:47

Night Muhurta (Shubh, Amrit, Char) = 23:11 - 26:17+

By Sowmya Sangam

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