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  • india us, india us, india united states agree to setup 6 nuclear power plants in india, Vijay gokhale

    India,United States Agree To Setup 6 Nuclear Power Plants In India 2019-03-14 07:28:09

    India and US in a statement said that they have agreed to build six nuclear Power plants in India, in a major boost to bilateral civil nuclear energy cooperation.The Statement issued after 9th round India-US Strategic Security Dialogue which was...

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    Vijay Gokhale, what happens when you report a fake marriage, vijay gokhale held talks with u s leaders over detention of indian students in immigration fraud, Vijay gokhale

    Vijay Gokhale Held Talks with U.S. Leaders over Detention of Indian Students in Immigration Fraud 2019-03-13 11:04:25

    During Foreign Secretary of India Vijay Gokhale’s meeting with the United States Congressional leaders, the issue regarding detention of Indian students by the United States immigration authorities came up. Representative Tom Suozzi tweeted that during the Monday meeting they talked...

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    us supports india, vijay gokhale john bolton, foreign secretary meets us national security advisor john bolton, Vijay gokhale

    Foreign Secretary Meets US National Security Advisor John Bolton 2019-03-14 05:21:22

    Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale called on US National Security Advisor John Bolton to discuss the India and United States bilateral relations and strategic partnership and most importantly cross border terrorism and terror groups based out in Pakistan. It said that...

    Keywords: fight against terrorism india us, vijay gokhale meets john bolton., fight against terrorism india us, gokhale john bolton

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    jaba village residents, jaba village residents, india s air strike was a failure assert residents of jaba village where india said it executed bombing, Vijay gokhale

    ‘India’s Air Strike Was a Failure’, Assert Residents of Jaba Village Where India Said It executed Bombing 2019-03-02 04:59:46

    The only confirmed victim of India’s air strike against Pakistan that rocked his mud-brick house and left him with a cut above his right eye is still sceptical whether the air strike in fact claimed lives of untold number of...

    Keywords: India’s air strike, India’s air strike, balakot air strike, 2019 Balakot airstrike

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    vikay gokhale meets mike pompeo., us secretary of state, foreign secretary meets us secretary of state mike pompeo, Vijay gokhale

    Foreign Secretary Meets US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo 2019-03-12 04:32:58

    Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale called on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on 11 March, 2019 on his three day visit to United StatesAccording to Ministry of External Affairs, They expressed satisfaction over the significant progress and the quality of...

    Keywords: us secretary of state, us secretary of state, mike pompeo, vijay gokhale pompeo

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    pakistan, palkistan national security meet, iaf strike pakistan says it will respond at the time and place of its choosing, Vijay gokhale

    IAF Strike: Pakistan says it will respond at the time and place of its choosing 2019-02-26 12:04:47

    Pakistan National Security Committee met on Tuesday after Indian Air Force carried out aerial strikes at the Jaih-e-Mohammed terror camps across Line of Control. Chaired by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, it said that “India has committed uncalled aggression to...

    Keywords: palkistan national security meet, pakistan meet indian air strike, imran khan, pakistan

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